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April 19, 2009


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Dear Janie,
You and your readers will NOT be happy with this comment. So, I will sign anonymously. However, the drugs we bring to market must be tested on animals before humans - can you imagine your mother, father, brother, sister, friend, husband, wife, child be the first to test a new drug that we have no idea what it will do - maybe kill them? In the business I am in, cancer new drug research, would have gone absolutely nowhere, had we had no animals to test it on. What is wrong is if the laboratories are not treating them well, but at least the animal laboratories the companies I have worked with are working solely with labs that treat them better than most shelters. There are INTENSE regulations about animal testing, that you do not hear about from PETA (no offense to PETA on this one - they are after the bad ones and I praise them daily). But, I have seen some animal labs and the kindness and caring is beyond belief. So, my point is, simply, none of the drugs on the market today, which save people's lives, including drugs most of you and your readers take (tylenol, alleve, aspirin, pain meds, cancer meds, headache meds, you name it,, have to be tested on animals first (especially rats and mice) to make sure they won't kill the first person exposed to the drug. When I think of my family and friends who have had terrible diseases, disorders, cancers, aneurisms, disabling diseases of all kinds, I thank god every day for the medicines that are available to us. And, I love animals almost (if not) more than humans) so my compassion is at 1,000,000% for those animals and it kills me to even think of it, but rather a mouse who has no significant brain function than my child, to be tested and unfortunately euthanized to test the cells that have been affected.
I apologize to the many I am obviously insulting, but our parents, and friends, and co-workers and dearest to us would be dead today if we did not have the cutting edge pharmaceutical drugs that we have today. Luckily the human trial I am running is successful, so I can be happy about lives extended or actually saved, this work of mine means so much to me, extending lives with lung cancer who would die so soon, were there no drugs available for them.
I write this with the deepest sympathy you can possibly imagine for the animals who must give their lives so humans can live longer. I write this with the thankfulness that my family can live a bit longer with painful and devastating diseases.

love to all who read this.......

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